Jr. Silver Dancers Testimonials

It is a great experience that helps build character and positive self-esteem.

Shannel Bishop

It was a fun experience for my daughter, the Spurs Silver Dancers were very friendly in talking w/the girls and they made it very fun for them.

Denise Flores

This event was great!! My daughter enjoyed the clinic and performance.

Patricia Franceschini

1. It was a great time for our daughter. 2. We loved seeing her perform. 3. It was totally family oriented.

Arianna Garcia

It's a great opportunity for young girls to gain exposure in dance and performing. Builds self-esteem!

Crystal Perez

My daughter is very shy and rarely tries new things. Once she performed...she absolutely LOVED it. This program has helped her with her self-esteem and self-confidence. I plan to enroll her every year!

Corrie Martinez

I would recommend the clinic because it gives the girls a chance to learn a fun routine and dance at a Spurs game.

Sylvia Mena-Ramirez

It’s a great opportunity to show their talent especially on the court of the Spurs. It means a lot to the youth and makes them feel important.

Scott Goyette

The dancers provide a positive learning experience and they make the Junior Dancers feel like stars.

Regina Wilson

It was a great experience and she is looking forward to coming back next year! As a parent, it was so much fun to see her perform. It was also our first time to attend a Spurs game and we really enjoyed the game and the atmosphere…I would rate it as a great family memory and something she will never forget!

Joseph Castano